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adnamay's Journal

Amanda R
10 May
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& hockey, across the universe, angels and demons, animals, antares, atonement, ballad of jack &rose, becoming jane, ben folds, blow, bobby long, californication, can't hardly wait, carolina liar, coheed & cambria, concerts, crash, csi:miami, curtis peoples, dashboard confessionals, death cab for cutie, deception point, degrassi: the next generation, dexter, digital fortress, dinosaurs, disney movie classics, fall out boy, ferris bueller's day off, foreign films, frou frou, gnr, gossip girl, grey's anatomy, grocery shopping, halloween, harry potter series, house, imogen heap, jack johnson, jack's mannequin, james blunt, james morrison, jeff buckley, jewel, jimmy eat world, john butler trio, john mayer, joss stone, jurassic park saga, kate nash, keane, kings of leon, klaxons, kt tunstall, law & order: svu, led zeppelin, lily allen, lord of war, lucky/the lovely bones, ludo, mae, marcus foster, match point, matt nathanson, meg and dia, mgmt, muse, music, mutemath, my chemical romance, nip/tuck, ok go, one tree hill, onerepublic, panic at the disco, paramore, pez, photography, pink floyd, pirates of the caribbean, project runway, pumpkin cheesecake, rage, reading, rent, rescue me, rory o'shae was here, rufus wainwright, ryan adams, sam bradley, sara bareilles, saved!, say anything, school of rock, school supplies, serj tankian, shopping, silverchair, silversun pickups, smashing pumpkins, snl, snow, soccer, something corporate, string cheese incident, superbad, survivor, sushi, suspect zero, swimming, system of a down, sytycd, teddy geiger, the amazing race, the avett brothers, the best years, the black ghosts, the black keys, the bluest eye, the darkness, the davinci code, the departed, the eagles, the fifth element, the fray, the harry potter series, the killers, the last kiss, the rocket summer, the southern vampire mysteries, the tudors, the white stripes, the working title, thirteen, traffic, true blood, twilight, twilight saga, tyler hilton, v for vendetta, van morrison, velvet revolver, wakefield, wedding crashers & 90210, weezer, wolfmother, wrapping presents, yonder mountain string band